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InnComplete saves you time in doing the update only once and that change is distributed across all your hotel booking systems. You cut down in staff wages and your time updating all the last minutes sites.

Our distribution hotel channel booking management system is so simple to use, you won’t even need a manual or step-by-step guide. It is straight forward and you can understand how it works at a glance. The layouts are kept simple and clean and navigation is kept clear to avoid any confusions. There is a help page which is so short you won’t even be needing it. Of cos our staffs are always around if you encounter any problems.

We have integrated multiple third party online hotel booking systems which are commonly used
full list is here

Our system allows you to update any feature that is in the available choice of online hotel booking systems such as room/bed types, dorm room, availability,  rates, special offer, promotion, discount codes and many more

You can have these functions working as long as it is in the feature of your online hotel booking system.

It’s perfectly fine to depend on OTAs and you don’t need to stop using them, however if you receive your bookings via your own website, you save a significant percentage on your profit per booking as you do not need to pay OTA commission

We understand that time is money, hence the turnaround time will be within a day.

No, we can be used as a stand-alone. Our system is here to assist in shortening the chore and time of updating your inventory rates.

No softwares or hardwares are needed. No Fuss, No Hassle, No Time Wasted.

You will need access to the internet and common browsers like Internet Explorer 6 and above, Firefox and Safari will have no problems at all.

Yes. InnComplete sites are secure and we have our own dedicated server for hosting the system.

Yes. Simple login to InnComplete and access your online hotel booking system from there. You will see all the booking info at a glance.

Yes. You can update as often as you like, anytime you like 24 hours, 7 days a week.

No. You need to enter the details ONCE ONLY. These details will be saved in the system so all you need to do is enter your username and password for InnComplete and you will automatically be logged into all your Online Hotel Booking Systems.

InnComplete provides professional web design service to clients who are using the channel management system worldwide InnComplete also specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) which improves your ranking in Google and major search engines. We have professional web design tools as well  and SEO specialists to work on your website and not only to give you a design that’s clean and functional, but also meet your marketing needs and requirements with short turnaround time. We have many happy clients with improved website traffic and businesses.

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